The 5 Friends We All NEED In Our Lives – Love You Ladies!


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  1. peachykeen32 says:

    What a sweet post. This really made me think about my friends. Do I really have someone I can count on to fill all those roles? Which of those roles do I fill? I definitely believe finding these friends can be hard but when you find the, you never want to let them go!

  2. I totally agree with this list!

  3. Such a sweet post! It’s so important to surround ourselves with people who can uplift us (and to be that person for others!)

  4. This makes me realize I need more supportive friends like this. Very important to have people in our lives like this for sure!

  5. Susan Croox says:

    You’ve inspired me! I need to go spend time with some friends …

  6. Brooke says:

    This is good! Makes me think about what type of friend I am to my friends. Or what type of friend they think I am!

  7. Finally!! Someone that still watches Grey’s Anatomy! I love that show and it is so true, we need “our person.” I love that and these are all good friends to have around. I definitely have a few “wild ones” and “believers” in my life!

  8. realmofvibes says:

    This was so great — I am the realist of my friends — bringing everybody back to reality! I need a Wild One right now to get me out and about. Fun post Yvette!

  9. Jen says:

    Your post made me smile. My best friend in high school was the wild one. She sure did push me to do things I never would have done otherwise!

  10. Yes, this definitely made me think about my girlfriends or “my people”, so-to-speak! I think we need ALL of these people in our lives and they may end up playing starring or supporting roles during different points in your life. It is so important to know who to go to when you need solid advice or encouragement or just a rocking a good time!

  11. featherflint says:

    This is so true – and I love how each of our friends can bring out a different side in each of us. They say that you’re the average of the handful of people that you spend a majority of your time with, so being around this mix of personalities probably makes us all more well-rounded, too!

  12. Haneef says:

    This was such a cute and thoughtful post! I think I’m a bit of the believer friend and realist friend. I don’t think any dream if impossible, but I do know you have to be smart about how you fulfill them!

    • You should ask your close friends who they think you are! I found it quite interesting to hear from my own where they placed me after they read this. Thanks for reading : )

  13. Reading this, I thought about my friends from various points of my life and how each one fit into the 5 categories you mentioned. It was so lovely to reflect and made me realise I need to do a better job of keeping in contact with my friends back in the US

  14. Suzie says:

    I think you nailed this one. What would life be like if you didn’t have one of each? Especially the wild one💃🏼

  15. R.M. says:

    LOVE this!!! I think as women we really need each other and our friends are such a blessed and important part of our lives…

    • Thank you! I was worried at first when publishing that this might come off as negative towards men or family life, but my intent was always just to say “thank you” to all the amazing friends who are really there in the depth of things with you every day. I am so happy that some readers are understanding my message/intent.

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