Hey Everyone – Thanks for visiting The Mommy Confessionals!

The Mommy Confessionals (TMC) was created as a way for one mommy to get back into the world of her first love and passion. The one she had before the husband, the dog, the kids and the mortgage and credit card bills.

The love of writing. See I use to be a journalist, you’ll read some references on that in the future as it was a pretty kick-ass job.

Over countless hours spent at playgroups and coffee dates, I realized I’m not alone in this really

yvette putter writer

That’s me! Out Snowshoeing, one of my favourite past times.

complicated role as someone who was a mother, but still really loved being just “me”.

Some mothers say goodbye to that “me” person easily with a kiss and wave as they finally enter the role they’ve always dreamt about. “Mother” was their first love role.

But then there’s the moms who like me, could never quite get over their first love. And that’s when shit gets tough.

It’s complicated when you’re split in so many directions. Whether you’re one of the moms that truly do love nothing more than this role, or if you’re the one that loves her kids but also misses business meetings, project deadline, debating new tactics and strategies for your office… you know, the “you before kids” mom.

So that’s where TMC came in.

A space for me to not only connect and help other parents who struggle with balancing all this life and lyvette putterove and adventure, but to show those parents we are still just as able to do this thing!

We can embrace every aspect of our lives.

We can still seek adventure and live to tell some wicked stories from along the way!

We can travel and explore!

We can laugh at our failures and learn from them.

We can cry when we need to.

We are all in this life to create and find magic.

So let’s do it.